Akhil Bharatiya Manav Vikas Sanstha (ABMVS)

Akhil Bhartiya Manav Vikas Sanstha, differs from most of the other NGO’S or such organisations, in the sense that it is an integration of spiritualism with materialistic approach. Here lies the propriety of this Institute.

This integrated perception is suitable to Indian cultural ideology. Its major aim is to do benevolent and unselfish acts, uplifting the morality of human life on one side, and helping them in their social, physical and individual life on the other.

Live and let live, non-violence, brotherhood, love, affection, meaningful emotions and service for entire humanity, is the motto on which this institute prolongs its journey. For this, the institute expects from its members, volunteers and executives, ‘ Service before Self ’, they should inculcate this golden truth in them, and make utmost efforts to translate it into action. Each and every member of Akhil Bhartiya Manav Vikas Sanstha is committed to serve the humanity without any type of discrimination of sex, caste and creed, colour, community, heredity, religion or region etc.

The are millions of people in our country who are deprived of education, basic medical treatment and enough food. If organized and collective efforts are made by NGO’s there can be some good out come, and people will remember them for centuries to come.

An institute may organize successful programs in gigantic assembly halls, summon thousands of people, and deliver long lectures, and use extravagant bombastic words of praise, but people are sure to forget it, because it is not followed up by necessary actions. They are merely Road-shows. It will do no good to the society or a miserable individual. Akhil Bhartiya Manav Vikas Sanstha is firmly determined and committed to serve the deprived, on account of hunger, education and medical facilities. This institute will save no pains to serve the extremely needy, incapable and helpless.

Working for the rural society in general and specially for the poorest of the poor, under the banner of AKHIL BHARTIYA MANAV VIKAS SANSTHA (ABMVS), a registered NGO, having Income tax benefits u/s 88. The Sanstha has its own full fledged working offices at Kapadvanj, Kathlal, Dehgam, Bayad, Daskroi, Talod, Prantij, Malpur, Meghraj, and Gandhinagar, in all the 10 Taluka places, with a total of more than 60 full time devoted staff members, including retired School Principals, Sr. Bank Officers, Qualified Doctors, Engineers, Air Force Officers and Qualified Social Workers.

Akhil Bhartiya Manav Vikas Sanstha has set up its own field support offices, at all ten Taluka places, at prominent site in the market, near the bus stands and on main roads. This is in view of facilitating the villagers, to contact the respective Public Relations Officers, to present their problems, views and issues and to enable them to get guidance and solutions at each Taluka level.

The Taluka Public Relations Officers, of the institute, daily attend the office for 2 to 4 hours, and try to solve villager’s problems at Taluka level, as far as possible and offer them guidance and support.