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Working for the rural society in general and specially  for the poorest of the poor, under the banner of AKHIL BHARTIYA MANAV VIKAS SANSTHA (ABMVS), a registered NGO. The Sanstha has its own full fledged working offices at Kapadvanj, Kathlal, Dehgam, Bayad, Daskroi, Talod, Prantij, Malpur, Meghraj, and Gandhinagar,  in all the 10 Taluka places, with a total of more than 60 full time devoted staff members, including retired School Principals, Sr. Bank Officers, Qualified Doctors, Engineers, Air Force Officers and Qualified Social Workers.

1. Medical :

  1. 7 Day & Night Free Ambulance cum Medical vans cover all the 10 Talukas.
  2. 5 Qualified Doctors are on the move 5/6 days a week, with the medical vans, under  a fixed schedule providing free basic medical facilities and free medicines, covering about 350 remote villages, every week.
  3. ABMVS  has organized  several medical and Eye camps.
  4. ABMVS is establishing a Primary Health Center at Sampa Village in Dehgam Taluka,  which shall cater to more than 50000 villagers of the nearby area. There are proposals to construct 3 more such PHC units in different Talukas.

2. Educational:

  1. We have provided about 50 Computers to various Primary schools and Gram Panchayats in the area.
  2. 16 free tuition classes for the students of 10th & 12th std. In the area of operation for the subjects like English, Maths and  Science. 800 students are being benefited.
  3. We have provided more than 50000 note books in the area to about 30000 female students in the area, during the academic year 2003-04.
  4. Publicly honoured the 10th & 12th Std. students (total 68) securing 1st 2nd & 3rd  rank in their respective  Talukas covering all the 10  Talukas.
  5. To encourage very young to attend to school, we have provided necessary slate, chalk & school bags etc., to more than 2000 children.
  6. To inculcate the value of time among the villagers, ABMVS has provided more than 8000 Wall clocks in the area, for public use, covering all the Primary Schools, all the Anganwadis, all Gram panchayat offices, and some Mamlatdar offices, some BRC and CRC offices, some Secondary schools, some Doodh Mandli Offices, Our volunteers etc.
  7. ABMVS has also provided more than 1 Lakh Calendars to the villagers covering all the 10 Talukas, for the year 2004.

3. Social :

  1. We provide 10 Kgs. of Grains to more than 2000 families covering more than 700 villages out of a total of about 1100  villages in the area.  The families are identified on the basis of village to village survey by our own Jan Sampark Adhikaries, are poorest of the poor, either widows, divorcees, handicapped or aged with nil regular source of income.
  2. We publish a weekly ‘PRACHINA Sadvichar’, to improve upon the moral & spiritual  thinking of the villagers, tabloid, having a circulation of nearly 20000 copies, 98% of the subscription is within the 10 Talukas, with a total readership of more than 2 Lakh persons.
  3. Constructed 80 Pucca Chabutras / Platforms / Otlas in the center of the  respective villages equally covering all the 10 Talukas. We intend to cover all the villages.
  4. We have ourselves directly distributed free fodder in scarcity and draught prone areas in more than 160 villages of Malpur and Meghraj Talukas.
  5. To motivate the youth of the area we have sponsored Cricket Matches and distributed sports equipment to various youth clubs, in all the Talukas.
  6. We have organized several ‘Jan Sampark Samaroh’, in all the 10 Talukas, gathering  support of majority of District Delegates, Taluka Delegates, Sarpanchas, Talaties, Prominent local leaders and more than 4000 volunteers enrolled by the ABMVS.
  7. ABMVS has made substantial progress in establishing an Ayurvedic Farm and a Panjrapole cum Gow-shala in the area, to generate employment for more than 300 people.
  8. ABMVS is in the process of Constructing a Primary Health Center at Sampa Village in Dehgam Taluka, several under ground and overhead water tanks, Mini Check Dams, Morgues, and Hawadas, covering all the 10 Talukas.
  9. Sanstha has provided necessary medical aid & refreshment to more than 2,50,000 devotees walking for Amba Mataji yatra during Sept. 2003.